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We pride ourselves on diversity hiring, developing, and championing the best people delivery. Our emphasis on prioritizing people is fundamental and steadfast, focused on creating relationships between clients and people resources that stand the test of time. Our strength is building local talents.


Alphaeus holds the distinction of being a progressive employer committed to upholding the tripartite standards.

Available Careers

This job involves troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software issues onsite or remotely, installing and maintaining computer systems, upgrading software, and providing basic user training. Candidates need a diploma in IT and advanced knowledge of computer hardwa...
Lead project delivery and implementation of security products, manage and support IT infrastructure, handle technical support and escalations, and ensure alignment with client technology standards and policies.
The candidate will be expected to provide support to the VP, INFSVC to Deliver the IT infrastructure services strategies and manage network-related issues, which directly or indirectly impact business performance. This includes the evaluation, conceptualisation, develop...
A technical support engineer (also known as a technical support officer, IT support technician or technical support analyst) is responsible for monitoring and maintaining a company’s hardware and software systems.
Provide accessible, timely, and professional Level 1 troubleshooting and support to resolve technical issues, respond promptly to queries, accurately assess and resolve problems, track incidents, and manage user account administration and service requests.